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11 Diseases of the circulatory system
Infections of the circulatory system
1D85 — Viral carditis

ICD-11 1D85 — Viral carditis

A disease of the heart, caused by an infection with a viral source. This disease is characterised by fatigue, dyspnoea, palpitations, malaise, or atypical chest discomfort. This disease may also present with sinus tachycardia, cardiomyopathy, idiopathic ventricular arrhythmias, or cardiovascular collapse. Transmission is by endogenous spread or iatrogenic transmission. Confirmation is identification of the viral source in advanced imaging or cardiac biopsy.

The diagnosis includes nothing.

It excludes 1 item.

  • Influenzal myocarditis, other influenza virus identified (1E30)

Diagnosis with code 1D85 contains 7 clarifying diagnoses:

  1. 1D85.0 — Dilated cardiomyopathy secondary to viral myocarditis
  2. 1D85.1 — Acute viral carditis
  3. 1D85.2 — Chronic viral carditis
  4. 1D85.3 — Aseptic myocarditis of newborn
  5. 1D85.4 — Coxsackie carditis
  6. 1D85.Y — Other specified viral carditis
  7. 1D85.Z — Viral carditis, unspecified

The diagnosis is coded elsewhere:

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