ICD-11 classes
12 Diseases of the respiratory system
Pleural, diaphragm or mediastinal disorders

ICD-11 Pleural, diaphragm or mediastinal disorders

Pleural, diaphragm and mediastinal disorders are disorders of the potential space between the two pleura (visceral and parietal) of the lungs, disorders of the diaphragm and mediastinum. The mediastinum is an undelineated group of structures in the thorax, surrounded by loose connective tissue. It is the central compartment of the thoracic cavity.

The diagnosis includes nothing.

The diagnosis excludes nothing.

Diagnosis contains 10 clarifying diagnoses:

  1. CB20 — Pleural plaque
  2. CB21 — Pneumothorax
    It contains 5 clarifying diagnoses.
  3. CB22 — Diseases of mediastinum, not elsewhere classified
    It contains 3 clarifying diagnoses.
  4. CB23 — Disorders of diaphragm
  5. CB24 — Chylous effusion
  6. CB25 — Fibrothorax
  7. CB26 — Haemothorax
  8. CB27 — Pleural effusion
  9. CB2Y — Other specified pleural, diaphragm or mediastinal disorders
  10. CB2Z — Pleural, diaphragm or mediastinal disorders, unspecified

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