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12 Diseases of the respiratory system
Sleep-related breathing disorders

ICD-11 Sleep-related breathing disorders

Sleep related breathing disorders are characterised by abnormalities of respiration during sleep. In some of these disorders, respiration is also abnormal during wakefulness. The disorders are grouped into central sleep apnoeas, obstructive sleep apnoea, and sleep related hypoventilation or hypoxemia disorders.

The diagnosis includes nothing.

It excludes 1 item.

  • Apnoea of newborn (KB2A)

Diagnosis contains 6 clarifying diagnoses:

  1. 7A40 — Central sleep apnoeas
    It contains 10 clarifying diagnoses.
  2. 7A41 — Obstructive sleep apnoea
  3. 7A42 — Sleep-related hypoventilation or hypoxemia disorders
    It contains 9 clarifying diagnoses.
  4. MD11.4 — Sleep related Cheyne-Stokes respiration
  5. 7A4Y — Other specified sleep-related breathing disorders
  6. 7A4Z — Sleep-related breathing disorders, unspecified

The diagnosis is coded elsewhere:

The diagnosis is included in 1 another class.

  • Sleep related Cheyne-Stokes respiration (MD11.4)

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