ICD-11 classes
01 Certain infectious or parasitic diseases

ICD-11 Sepsis

The diagnosis has no description.

The diagnosis includes nothing.

It excludes 11 items.

  • Plague (1B93)
  • Acute or fulminant melioidosis (1C42)
  • Tularaemia (1B94)
  • Other infection during labour (JB0D)
  • Injury or harm arising following infusion, transfusion or therapeutic injection, not elsewhere classified (NE80)
  • Genital tract or pelvic infection following abortion, ectopic or molar pregnancy (JA05.0)
  • Disseminated gonococcal infection (1A73)
  • Extraintestinal yersiniosis (1B9A)
  • Injury or harm arising from a procedure, not elsewhere classified (NE81)
  • Meningococcal disease (1C1C)
  • Systemic inflammatory response syndrome of noninfectious origin (MG46)

Diagnosis contains 5 clarifying diagnoses:

  1. 1G40 — Sepsis without septic shock
  2. 1G41 — Sepsis with septic shock
  3. JB40.0 — Puerperal sepsis
  4. KA60 — Sepsis of fetus or newborn
  5. JB42.3 — Obstetric pyaemic or septic embolism

The diagnosis is included in 3 other classes.

  • Puerperal sepsis (JB40.0)
  • Sepsis of fetus or newborn (KA60)
  • Obstetric pyaemic or septic embolism (JB42.3)

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