ICD-11 classes
01 Certain infectious or parasitic diseases
Mycobacterial diseases
1B12 — Tuberculosis of other systems and organs
1B12.6 — Tuberculous peripheral lymphadenopathy

ICD-11 1B12.6 — Tuberculous peripheral lymphadenopathy

A disease of the peripheral lymph nodes, caused by an infection with the bacteria Mycobacterium tuberculosis. This disease is characterised by inflammation of the peripheral lymph nodes, typically the cervical lymph nodes. Transmission is through haematogenous spread to the peripheral lymph nodes after inhalation of infected respiratory secretions. Confirmation is by identification of Mycobacterium tuberculosis from lymph node biopsies.

It includes 1 item.

  • Tuberculous adenitis

It excludes 2 items.

  • Tuberculosis of intrathoracic lymph nodes, confirmed bacteriologically or histologically (1B10.0)
  • Tuberculosis of intrathoracic lymph nodes, without mention of bacteriological or histological confirmation (1B10)

It has no clarifying diagnoses.

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