ICD-11 classes
01 Certain infectious or parasitic diseases
Other bacterial diseases
1C17 — Diphtheria

ICD-11 1C17 — Diphtheria

A disease commonly of the respiratory system, caused by an infection of the gram-positive bacteria Corynebacterium diphtheriae. This disease is characterised by sore throat, fever, and a pseudomembrane on the tonsils, pharynx, or nasal cavity. Transmission is by inhalation of infected respiratory secretions, or direct cutaneous contact. Confirmation is by identification of Corynebacterium diphtheriae from a throat swab or infected tissue, and by clinical signs.

The diagnosis includes nothing.

The diagnosis excludes nothing.

Diagnosis with code 1C17 contains 6 clarifying diagnoses:

  1. 1C17.0 — Pharyngeal or tonsillar diphtheria
    It contains 3 clarifying diagnoses.
  2. 1C17.1 — Nasal diphtheria
  3. 1C17.2 — Laryngeal diphtheria
  4. 1C17.3 — Cutaneous diphtheria
  5. 1C17.Y — Other specified diphtheria
  6. 1C17.Z — Diphtheria, unspecified

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