ICD-11 classes
01 Certain infectious or parasitic diseases
Other bacterial diseases
1C1D — Yaws
1C1D.3 — Latent yaws

ICD-11 1C1D.3 — Latent yaws

Latent yaws is defined as yaws with no clinical signs and only serological evidence of infection (reactive treponemal and non-treponemal tests). Infectious relapses may occur in latent cases for up to 5 and, rarely, 10 years. The total duration of infectivity for an untreated yaws patient, including relapses, is thought to be about 12-18 months.

It includes 1 item.

  • Yaws without clinical manifestations, with positive serology

The diagnosis excludes nothing.

It has no clarifying diagnoses.

The diagnosis is coded elsewhere:

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