ICD-11 classes
07 Sleep-wake disorders
Hypersomnolence disorders

ICD-11 Hypersomnolence disorders

Hypersomnolence disorders are characterised by a complaint of daytime sleepiness that is not due to another sleep-wake disorder (e.g. disturbed nocturnal sleep, misaligned circadian rhythm, or breathing disorder). Individuals with excessive sleepiness may show irritability, concentration and attention deficits, reduced vigilance, distractibility, reduced motivation, anergia, dysphoria, fatigue, restlessness, and lack of coordination.

The diagnosis includes nothing.

The diagnosis excludes nothing.

Diagnosis contains 9 clarifying diagnoses:

  1. 7A20 — Narcolepsy
    It contains 3 clarifying diagnoses.
  2. 7A21 — Idiopathic hypersomnia
  3. 7A22 — Kleine-Levin syndrome
  4. 7A23 — Hypersomnia due to a medical condition
  5. 7A24 — Hypersomnia due to a medication or substance
  6. 7A25 — Hypersomnia associated with a mental disorder
  7. 7A26 — Insufficient sleep syndrome
  8. 7A2Y — Other specified hypersomnolence disorders
  9. 7A2Z — Hypersomnolence disorders, unspecified

The diagnosis is coded elsewhere:

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