ICD-11 classes
01 Certain infectious or parasitic diseases
Certain other viral diseases
1D80 — Mumps

ICD-11 1D80 — Mumps

A disease caused by an infection with mumps virus. This disease commonly presents with fever, headache, fatigue, or eventually parotitis. Transmission is by contact with respiratory secretions, directly or indirectly.

The diagnosis includes nothing.

The diagnosis excludes nothing.

Diagnosis with code 1D80 contains 6 clarifying diagnoses:

  1. 1D80.0 — Mumps without complication
  2. 1D80.1 — Orchitis due to mumps virus
  3. 1D80.2 — Meningitis due to mumps virus
  4. 1D80.3 — Encephalitis due to mumps virus
  5. 1D80.4 — Pancreatitis due to mumps virus
  6. 1D80.Y — Other specified mumps

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